Component compliance made easy

Acquiring the electrical and mechanical component compliance documentation you need to get your product certified is boring, time consuming, uncertain and can severely delay your time to market.

Certainli is here to change that.

The solution

One central interface to find, store and keep track of the test documentation you need for your components.

Using our proprietary search engine, we make it easy for you to find verified test certification records. Just drag and drop a list of components onto our easy-to-use web interface, and let our platform do the work for you.

Our simple documentation platform enables safe and continuous storage as well as easy collaboration, while also providing you with automated certificate expiry notifications.

All of this to a monthly cost based on number of components searches, which will provide your company a net saving on manual work alone. Don't even get us started on compliance risk savings...

Do we need to mention you get a free trial?

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A few examples of how Certainli will benefit your company.

Component Selection

We enable you to make early compliance assessment an integrated part of your design process, to avoid costly re-designs.

Internal Efficiency

Securely store and keep track of your component certification records with easy cross-collaboration.

Documentation Done Right

Our platform makes it easy for you to get your component documentation in order towards notified bodies.

Save Days of Work per Product

Stop wasting costly work hours of highly qualified employees or consultants on administrative tasks.

Shorten Time To Market

Our search engine can help you reduce lead times from weeks to minutes.

Avoid Extra Costs

Don't pay for more than you should for testing and certification.

Diving into
the issue

It's 2023. You shouldn't have to chase your suppliers over e-mail for compliance documentation.

Long lead times, uncertainty and added costs. After hundreds of interviews with compliance and R&D professionals, we have seen that today’s work process when collecting supplier compliance documentation is usually unnecessarily chaotic. Sound familiar?

Internal Inefficiencies

Ensuring that component supplier documentation is in place is essential for getting your product to market, but today it is often done as an afterthought. This leads to time-consuming internal discussions and costly re-designs due to the need to replace non-compliant components late in the product development cycle.

Unpleasant Certification Surprises

Compliance documentation needs to be included for critical components in the technical file for CE-marking and other certifications. Unfortunately, many companies fail to do so properly which leads to unexpected added lead time, work hours and costs to certification bodies before your product can be released to the market.

Waiting for Suppliers to Respond

Collecting test certificates and list numbers from a component manufacturer is time consuming and largely manual work. Even finding the right point of contact can be a challenge. You shouldn't have to wait weeks and spend days of work just to get these documents in place.

"Where Did We Save Those Certificates Again?"

It is your responsibility to ensure that your products remain compliant over their full life cycle, and for new product revisions. This includes tracking the validity of your component certificates, which is often overlooked when certificates are dutifully saved and forgotten deep down in a PLM system somewhere, or in worst case on someone's local hard drive...

About us

Built by engineers, for engineers.

Certainli was founded based on first-hand insight into the compliance headaches of today. Our team has deep combined experience within product development, electronics design and compliance.

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Alfred Samuelson
CEO & Co-founder
Johan Rågmark
Maria Jansson
Chairman of the Board
A part of Hidden Dreams

Born and raised to solve hidden problems.

Certainli is co-founded by Hidden Dreams, a Swedish venture builder that specialises in building companies that provide modern software solutions to simplify outdated manual processes within different industries.

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